Change in a social or political sense can produce many things. From pain, suffering and violence to liberty, justice and freedom of expression. But the uprisings of the Arab world still remain unfinished business with no clear end in sight. The vast waves of popular protest have convulsed through the region and in some instances overthrown long-ruling dictators. But few if any of the uprisings have borne any fruit.

Although in certain cases previous barriers to artistic expression were initially lifted but new limitations, crackdowns and challenges quickly emerged. In addition, artists continue to face organised campaigns against them if they fail to adhere to certain conservative values. But it seems with every new struggle in the Arab world, all forms of creative resistance continue to grow. Often playing the role of self expression for many with no voice. Visual imagery is consistently harnessed to expose, educate, articulate demands and very often ridicule the various powers involved in the ongoing chaos.

Against this backdrop of fragmented uncertainty, violence and in the case of Syria, an endless cycle of anarchy and ethnic bloodletting, Heba Al Ansari, Iman Hasbani, Hany Rashed and Wedad Alnasser, the four artists represented in TURMOIL X4 continue their art making. With each of these up and coming artists finding their own way of dissecting, their own way of interpreting events and personal experiences that are deeply emotional, historically significant, unrelenting and unresolved.

TURMOIL X4 brings their individual stories together in a powerful visual journey that challenges the viewers apathy and asks questions of our collective humanity.