Artists Nazir Tanbouli, Cheikhou Ba and Mohamed Abou Elnaga each bring their own individual cultural influences and self expression to a collective body of work that reveals, re-configures and explores some of the countless facets and layers of Africa’s identity.

The ‘Landscapes of Joy’ by Nazir Tanbouli take us into a whimsical world of flowing colours, human forms and mystical figures. After 15 years in the United Kingdom, Tanbouli returns to his hometown of Alexandria, Egypt, to explore and observe the faces, places and moments that are both familiar and unfamiliar. He fills his artistic narratives with a sense of innocent wonder and energetic spirit through his dexterous use of colour, line and composition.

Artist Cheikhou Ba from Senegal utilises an array of media for his compelling, unrestrained and sometimes deeply satirical paintings that contemplate the human condition of identity and geographical separation. Everyday elements including tickets, packaging, newspaper ads, shopping bags and fabrics form intriguing visual and textural counterpoints in Cheikhou's contemporary archaeological collages. Artworks that are alive with movement, intense colour and textures reflecting the energy and tensions of the artist’s West African roots.

Egyptian Mohamed Abou Elnaga's works seek to map his soul using the intimacy and details of daily life, places and actions of the quotidian, resulting in marks, textures and shapes of emotion on the surface of his handmade paper sculptures. Abou Elnaga expresses his personal narrative through a series of books in which he collects elements of his emotional process on his quest for personal happiness.

The Mojo Gallery is delighted to present this interaction and dialogue between the work of three compelling artists with deep connections to the African continent and share in their individual and collective artistic journeys.