Speaking in stone

As part of their ancestral heritage, Shona sculptors have an innate belief that 'nothing which exists naturally is inanimate'. This includes the rock they use for their sculptures which in their view has 'a spirit or life force' of its own. They believe that during the sculpting process it is this 'spirit' within and not the artist that defines the shape of the final sculptures. Coupled with that is the belief that every piece of art has a predestined owner.

Even though today's generation of sculptors live in a very different, and at times urban world, this core belief in the existence of a relationship between the physical world and the spiritual world remains highly relevant and influential in their process of creative development.

'Speaking in Stone' is a group show representing eight gifted Zimbabwean artists. Each presents a unique expression of the interconnection between material, spirit and art. A relationship that continues to be 'culturally authentic' and focused on fundamental human experiences. Captured and communicated in a powerfully simple, direct and profoundly unique manner.

Participating Artists:

Gregory Mutasa
Witness Bonjisi
Lovemore Bonjisi
Colleen Madamombe
Mike Munyaradzi
Henry Munyaradzi
Eckel Nymandoro
Bernard Matamera