Meta White

German artist Udo Rutshman and Moroccan artist Safaa Erruas both occupy worlds filled with exquisite contradictions. A place where soft silk screams in silence and cool ceramic slabs convey messages of heat, fire and metamorphosis. Where understatement meets expressive and simplicity leads to complexity. 

Whilst these two artists hail from very different counties, cultures and languages they share commonalities through their individual artistic approaches and interpretations. Both artists approach their art creation in a painstakingly detailed, well crafted and deeply considered manner resulting in powerfully deconstructive yet emotionally stimulating art forms. The omnipresent use of monochromatic whiteness deeply informs both Safaa's and Udo's work and gives them yet another area of common aesthetic dialogue.

Where Udo interrogates and exposes the unpredictable and transformational forces of time and energy through his 'Incubator' series, Safaa explores the complexities of society and it's underlying polarity in a body of work entitled 'Chronic Shadows'. 

Safaa approaches her subject matter with the keen eye of a surgeon and the mind of a social anthropologist to create artworks that draw the viewer in with their subtle, sensual contours that are juxtaposed against her trademark components of powerfully intriguing complexity. The pieces force observation, demand to be decoded and leave the viewer feeling every incision, rupture and tear. Safaa executes with such detailed precision and clarity of thought that she owns the viewers imagination. Turning her minimalist, monochromatic artworks into emotionally charged and at times painfully disturbing experiences.

On observing Udo's unique processes and resulting work, there is no escaping the presence of the analytical mind of a scientist and the inquisitive investigations and experiments of a skilled alchemist at work. This combination of precision and unpredictability inherent in the artist's work draws the viewer in to uncover more. The observer experiences a sense of discovery and a desire to understand these highly distinctive and organically beautiful monochromatic ceramic slabs in a more complete manner. 

Together these two diverse artists have created a body of work that forms a potent aesthetic statement. A narrative that is at once monochromatic and minimalist but on closer observation imparts a powerfully complex and at times highly emotive message.