Binu Bhaskar

Ali Azarmi was born in 1961 to Iranian parents. He grew up in Tehran until 1973 when he went to school in England. He studied Art & Design for 7 years, graduating from London University in 1985 with a BA Hons.

Ali began a successful career in commercial art, eventually becoming Creative Director of BBDO in Dubai, where he and his family decided to settle.

Unable to resist the allure of his art, Ali eventually left the commercial world to work on his true calling – in particular, a search for the undiscovered aesthetic possibilities that lie between the boundaries of photography and fine art.

He describes his work as the “art of the aesthetics of the subconscious. A search for romantic spiritualism where you least expect to find it.” He adds, with regard to his new exhibition, “Although accident and chance play an inspirational role in creating my subjects, the fact that they find me as their medium of expression is no accident”.

Although Ali Azarmi’s work has previously featured in group shows, ‘Unintentional’ at the Mojo Gallery is his first solo exhibition.