An unlimited repertoire of forms, styles and materials are available to contemporary calligraphy artists, inspiring modern art making that goes beyond executions of readable script and into the realms of conceptual visual expression where the deeper meaning behind the letters becomes all important.

The Mojo Gallery is proud to host three of the most innovative contemporary Arabic calligraphy artists;
Ibrahim Khattab, Sabah Arbilli and Fayeq Oweis
in an exhibition that brings together their common passion for uncovering an untapped expressive treasure in the aesthetics of calligraphy, through the flexibility of shape, line and thought.

The three artists that make up the exhibition titled
'ALEF. SADH. FA'A.' demonstrate the power and creative possibilities of calligraphic art through their individual approach to the use of single letter Arabic calligraphy. The abstract and expressive nature of the single Arabic letter in their works reflect each of their artistic visions that combine classical technical skills, culturally inspired influences of the Egyptian, Mesopotamian and Phoenician civilisations and a focus on the symbolic and mystical associations of Arabic letters.

This exhibition is designed to ultimately provoke a conversation around a new perspective on the Arabic calligraphic line and the connection to Egyptian, Iraqi and Palestinian heritage of this art form.