Hadutta Masriya

In an attempt to translate and capture his extensive examination of natural occurring trajectories into two and three dimensional art forms, German artist Udo Rutschmann has created his own distinctive visual language. A language that combines the simplicity of form with the sophistication of abstract interpretation.

The viewer is invited to follow a leaf in the wind, ripples on the water or maybe even the drifting sands in the desert. A moment where physics entwines with imagination and art envelops scientific variables to create poetry of movement.

Born in 1967 in Germany, Udo Rutschmann holds a BA (Hons) in Architecture from the London Metropolitan University and an MFA in Sculpture from the University of Arts and Social Sciences in Bonn, Germany.

The influence of Udo's architectural and sculpture practice can be felt both in his meticulous artistic procedure, planning and forethought and in his highly considered use and treatment of materials. All resulting in works that challenge us to view events we ordinarily might take for granted through the artist's lens of heightened observation and distilled elegance.

Over the last three years Udo has been involved in a number of artistic initiatives in the UAE. Including a historically significant project in January 2012 in which Udo worked with both male and female Emirati art students to create a combined art piece. The workshops were organized by the Zayed University in Abu Dhabi and supported by The Abu Dhabi Music Art Foundation. The resulting piece is on permanent display at the Zayed University in Abu Dhabi.
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