Hadutta Masriya

Terra Incognita is a unique collaboration between the fine art photographer, Binu Bhaskar, and the painter, Alex da Silva.

This exhibition brings together two artists in a fascinating dialogue with a vivid agenda that starts the process of un-mapping their unique, but shifting, identities; Bhaskar, born in India, emigrated to Australia and currently lives in Spain whilst da Silva, born in Angola, raised in Cape Verde and now lives in Holland.

A visual conversation on an often beautiful and disturbing photographic surface provides a series of blurred borders to both a physical experience and a space of perception. Their visual discussions, debates and seminal confrontational questions about historical division, the place of acceptance and historical manipulation take the viewer on a journey of intense power, in an aesthetic and provocative manner.

They share, through intense recordings, a work that is a reflection of life as an experience that constantly informs their individual artistic expressions and a coming together that presages a culmination filled with emotive significance. This mixing of media demonstrates an intriguing mélange of destinies as they meet, collide and exchange in an ever-increasing global reality.

Text Shaheen Merali

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